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Click here to download PIC 16F87 MINI TUTORIAL Understand and use Arizona Microchip's "PIC" 16F87x microcontrollers, with our mini tutorial! As published in October 1999 EPE. This tutorial takes a programmer's eye view of PIC 16F87x devices. It assumes that you have a good knowledge of microcontroller fundamentals.

Download from here pictutorial.pdf (467k)
Soldering EPE's Basic Soldering Guide EPE's famous expert advice to help technicians and constructors achieve the best results when faced with a soldering iron for the first time! Choosing the right type of soldering iron; how to solder properly, troubleshooting and how to de-solder. Now referenced by the Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library and used by professionals and trainers the world over. The Basic Soldering Guide Photo Gallery is a high quality photo sequence to show you how to make the perfect solder joint; "dry joints" and more "hot tips"!
Intelligent LCDs How to use Intelligent LCDs
A reprint of our mini series - How to use Intelligent Liquid Crystal Displays, by Julyan Ilett. (February, March 1997 EPE). Provides practical, down to earth advice about liquid crystal display modules. Adobe Acrobat® Reader is required from here to read these files.

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Click for the History of EPE

The History of EPE - an interesting article tracing the growth of our magazine. Also, view some cover shots of old magazines and adverts to see how it used to be done in the 1970's! The feature commences with a history of Everyday Electronics and Practical Electronics, the two "sister" titles which ultimately merged to become EPE. There is also a gallery of cover shots of old 1970's and 1980's magazines, and a fascinating reminder of advertisements of the era. See how Sinclair, Home Radio and Maplin all used to advertise during the golden years of hobby electronics.

The original EPE web site launched from the October 1996 issue. Here it is!

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