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What to look forward to on the new EPE Web Site!

This site is under constant development and you'll find that we'll be adding to the on-line resources we're building up here, as a service to our readers. Let us know what you would like to see. Some of our plans are ambitious and will take time - we plan to include:

Back Issue Details
Availability of back issues and prices. Please E-mail us with enquiries in the meantime. The current magazine issue also provides the latest information on availability.

University of Hull "Mouse Organ" Student Assignment
Drop in on the Dept. of Electronic Engineering, University of Hull, England, and see how the students are developing MO in their respective "companies". You can read the Mouse Organ Design brief and generally watch things develop.

Please Take Note
- an archive of any follow-up corrections (rare!) to our projects

Our PCB Service
Ready made, roller-tinned boards if you can't or don't want to make them yourself.

EPE-endorsed links to electronics sites
Sites of interest, we hope, which we've checked out.

Details of our Modern Electronics Manual (MEM) and Electronics Service Manual (ESM)
Constantly updated ring-binders available on subscription, to keep you abreast of developments in technology.

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