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Speedy Service

Hi! Just a quick thank you for the service. I bought the September issue yesterday as I wanted to build the PIC-TOCK clock after reading last month's magazine. I thought I would have to wait a week or two for the source. I built the board about an hour ago and I have just downloaded the code from your FTP site! Service or what!! I'm off now to finish it. Best Regards. Paul Middlehurst (G1DVA)

Thanks for the comments, we're sure that all our Internet-connected readers will appreciate the fact that we're the first to put our PIC Source Codes on the Internet. They're available from the /PICS directory of We'll ensure that all PIC codes, where available to us, are uploaded there ready for when the next issue comes rolling off the presses!

Well Done!

Just a note to say "Congratulations" on getting the new site up and running. Looking forward to seeing more in the future. P.B., Cape Town, South Africa

Back Issues

Hi: I saw a reference to your February & March 1996 issues containing a mains power monitor project and that you carry articles on the PIC microcontroller. Could you advise me about subscription rates for the USA and information on the contents of back issues and their pricing? Thanks very much, B.C., California, USA.

Subscription rates are shown on our web site, see How to Subscribe to Everyday Practical Electronics. We mail all over the world and can ship either by Standard or Express Airmail. An Index covering the past 5 Years is available directly from ourselves, price £4.10 airmail.

We've published a variety of PIC-based projects, and most (but not all) codes are available from our FTP site for readers to program their own chips. Possibly the project you had in mind was our PIC-Electric Meter, also in the February 1996 issue. One immensely popular article has been our 'Simple PIC Programmer' (EPE February 1996) issue; we have now sold out of the magazine but can mail a photocopy on our usual Back Issue terms. Back Issues cost £4.10 each by airmail (or £3.10 surface mail, or £2.50 UK only), and we can usually supply from the past five years.

If we are sold out of a back issue then we will prepare one photocopy of one article, for the same cost as one back issue. We can only accept payments in Sterling but we accept Mastercard/ Visa. The minimum value for credit card transactions accepted, is £5.00. (£1 = US$ 1.55 approx.). You may wish to consider ordering a 5 Year Index (£4.10), plus copies of the two PIC- projects published in our Feb. 96 issue at £4.10 each. There is also a file on our FTP site you might find useful - EPE_INFO.TXT - which tells you more about us and confirms the costs. Of course, if there's anything anyone would like to know, please ask and you are assured of a personal reply.

Useful Stuff

I just had a look at both the WWW and FTP sites. I think both will be very useful (and a good advert for Everyday Practical Electronics magazine!). They are easy to use and the FTP was very forgiving when I mistyped my 'password'. Keep up the good work! N.S., University of York, York YO1 5DD, United Kingdom.

Thank you! We plan to "grow" our sites slowly but surely, and we've lots to look forward to in the coming months! We welcome all comments, from our readership, as usual.

On-Line Ordering?

I am glad to see that an electronics magazine in the UK has finally got its act together and built a web site, something which I think has been too long in arriving! Would it be possible to put in a section where you can fill in a form on-screen and submit it so that you can take out a subscription to your excellent magazine whilst on-line? This as opposed to the suggestion somewhere in your web-pages that you could email the subscription people at EPE with credit-card details. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to buying the next paper issue of EPE. Regards, Alan S. Willis, U.K.

On-line ordering will be an important feature of this site, but building up the data base of Back Issues, etc., takes time and there are also some technical issues which we're in the process of resolving (including, browser compatibility problems). We do intend to offer a Secure Electronics Transactions form which you can submit on-line: the new hardware is imminent. Also expect more detailed information on Back Issue contents and - more importantly, maybe - availability. Expect a new Back Issues Page in the near future. Meantime, you can still E-mail orders us but we must emphasise that this is done at the sender's risk - Webmaster.

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