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Each month Everyday Practical Electronics brings you a variety of interesting and educational articles from the world of electronics. Wherever you are in the world, whether you're a beginner, student or a keen hobbyist, you're sure to find something of interest in each monthly issue!

New Technology Update

Topical news on the latest trends in electronics, by Ian Poole.

Net Work

The Internet page, specially written for electronics enthusiasts by Alan Winstanley. Click here to visit the Net Work Page now.


Everyday News from the world of electronics, with information on the latest products.

Ingenuity Unlimited

Readers' own circuit design ideas which earn them real cash! Ingenuity Unlimited encourages its readers to have a go at circuit design, and is open to all abilities, whether young or old. Circuits must be original and novel, and not be currently submitted elsewhere. A printed copy is required along with a few paragraphs of clear explanation. Diagrams should be drawn neatly with all relevant components annotated. Send submissions by post to the Editorial address. (Please do not E-mail circuit graphics etc. as we cannot consider them.)

Circuit Surgery

Our "Help Desk" dealing with readers' enquiries and comments. We cannot guarantee to respond to individual enquiries unless we intend to feature the item in a future column, but we do our best to help. Enquiries from schools and colleges are especially welcomed, as we support and encourage the teaching of electronics.Click here to E-mail the Circuit Surgery. (Ensure your browser is set up to allow you to send SMTP mail.)

Fox Report

Barry Fox's authoritative and highly topical commentary on the world of electronics, computing, entertainment systems and consumer electronics.

Ohm Sweet Ohm

Max Fidling and his now famous cat Piddles star in yet another humourous adventure! An electronics magazine column like no other!

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